People Support

People Support Co-op is a feminist, sociocratic workers’ cooperative founded in February 2021 by a group of three women, all with many years experience in the worker co-op movement. We specialise in co-operative HR and governance, and we work with a wide range of organisations with a social change agenda, including activist groups, community businesses and small charities, as well as worker, multi stakeholder and community co-ops. 

Our services include practical HR support and advice, from recruitment and onboarding (including employment contracts and induction paperwork), to peer review systems, learning and development frameworks, wellbeing action plans, and staff handbooks. We support our clients to develop policies and procedures that nurture a cooperative and collaborative work environment based on collective accountability and mutual support. We also support organisations to navigate the complexities of employment law when issues arise, and subscribe to access to an employment law specialist solicitor who provides us with a quick response to queries on behalf of our clients.

In addition to HR, we offer training and support in governance, including sociocratic governance and co-operative decision-making systems and processes.

If you are looking for HR or governance help and advice, please contact us to find out more.

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Free HR Resources

At People Support Co-op we believe HR stands for Human Relationships. We were thrilled to connect up last year with RadHR, a like-minded network of people who believe that humans are more than resources! RadHR provides a space for social change organisations to share solidarity-based, anti-oppressive policies and processes built on shared values. We’ve worked with RadHR to create a series of guides which can be found here.