Our Ethics

We share a core set of values:

  • We believe workers should democratically own and control their workplaces. This is why we are a collective-governance workers co-op, committed to the values and principles of the co-operative movement.
  • We believe in collective ownership and non-hierarchical governance systems in which all members have an active voice. 
  • We believe in anti-oppressive, co-operative HR, which for us stands for Human Relationships, and we reject the deeply-problematic notion of human beings being resources in exploitative capitalist systems.
  • We reject the capitalist norms of performance-related pay and individual reward – we support flat-play structures and valuing all work equally. 
  • All our current members are vegan and share a vision of a world free of animal and human exploitation, where the natural world is not exploited for profit. We choose not to offer our services to organisations directly engaged in animal agriculture, such as dairy, meat or fishing co-ops.

We choose to work with co-ops, community businesses, activist groups and other organisations with a social justice agenda. We want to help like-minded organisations navigate the complexities of employment law to create a co-operative and collaborative work environment based on shared power and accountability, mutual support and solidarity.