Radical HR

At People Support Co-op we believe HR stands for Human Relationships, so we were thrilled to connect up last year with RadHR, a like-minded network of people who believe that humans are more than resources! RadHR provides a space for social change organisations to share solidarity-based, anti-oppressive policies and processes built on shared values.

We’ve worked with RadHR to create a series of guides to help social change organisations produce radical alternatives to standard HR policies. Each guide explains what needs to be addressed in the policy and what the law has to say, as well as providing suggestions to help create radical, values-driven policies which are right for the group.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to write a radical disciplinary policy that doesn’t default to blaming, shaming and punishing, or a holiday policy that boosts wellbeing and recognises different people’s needs, or a sick leave policy that actively seeks to support disabled people and those with long term health conditions to remain in employment, please check out our guides:

  1. How to write a radical disciplinary and grievance policy
  2. How to write a radical sick leave policy
  3. How to write a radical holiday policy
  4. How to write a radical pay policy

Check out the RadHR website for more information. Several new guides will be coming soon. And please get in touch if you would like help developing policies that meet your needs.